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Sunlit Summit

Boardman Peak

Elevation: 13,057 ft.

Prominence: 452 ft.

Isolation: 1.9 miles

Boardman Peak Guidebook


Boardman Peak’s elevation and prominence qualify it as an official 13er, but few mountaineers would go out of their way to climb it. Still, the gentle slopes of Downs Mountain’s southern sister invite wanderers on the high Divide country to pay a visit and enjoy the summit views over the vast Bear Basin and Downs Fork valleys. The lakes and canyons in this area reward those who are willing to slow down and explore a bit.

Formerly known as Unnamed Point 13062, I proposed the name Boardman Peak after the Boardman family who homesteaded the nearby Torrey Valley in the early 1900s. Five generations of Boardmans have lived within 15 miles of this peak and pioneered new mountaineering routes in the area, including one of the earliest documented ascents of nearby Downs Mountain a century ago.

General Considerations

As with the other Continental Divide 13ers, Boardman Peak is readily combined with its neighboring summits as part of a long traverse. On the other hand, those who wish to spend more time in this region are encouraged to develop their own itineraries, unfettered by guidebooks.

Route 1: North Slopes – Class 2

From the high plateau connecting Boardman Peak to Downs Mountain, a map or GPS is useful to identify which rounded hill is actually the targeted peak. No real route description is needed; simply walk along the Divide, bypassing subsidiary hills if desired, until directly northeast of the summit. Hike up the gentle slopes to the top. Some remnant snow patches may ease or hinder your passage over the blocky talus in the early season.

Route 2: South Slopes – Class 2

Boardman Peak has a more readily identifiable profile when viewed from the south. A long traverse along the eastern slope (or over the summit) of Yukon Peak delivers you to the peak’s north saddle. Climb broad talus slopes due north past a few ridge-top rock outcrops to reach the wonderfully desolate summit.

Boardman Peak Map

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North Slopes Route
South Slopes Approach

Boardman Peak Panorama

Boardman Peak Photos

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